Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices


Customers who choose to forgo meat can choose from a Variety of meatless options on the Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices.

You can find Vegetarian Options in popular fast food restaurants like Hungry Jack’s (Burger King in some regions), which serves a wide selection of food.

Hungry Jack’s offers a variety of tasty & hearty vegetarian meals that won’t break the bank.

Vegetarian Menu with Prices

Customers can make educated decisions by perusing Menus & requesting any necessary adjustments to accommodate their vegetarian diet the prices of which may vary by location.

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices

Below is Hungry Jack’s Menu and Prices along with the most important Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices.

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Veggie Whopper $7.95
Veggie Whopper with Cheese $8.50
Veggie Burger $6.95
Veggie Burger with Cheese $7.50
Veggie Wrap $5.95
Garden Side Salad $4.50
Onion Rings $3.50
Large Fries $4.50
Hash Browns $2.00

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu

For guests who choose not to consume meat, Jack’s Vegetarian Menu offers a range of vegetarian options.

Using fresh, healthful ingredients, the menu offers salads, sandwiches & sides.

In order to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences & requirements, the vegetarian selections are clearly labelled.

Without compromising their vegetarian diet, customers may have a tasty & filling lunch at Jack’s.


Rebel Whopper features a patty made from plants, flame-grilled to give the irresistible smoky, BBQ flavor just like our classic Whopper.

Loaded with crisp fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayo & tomato sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.


Nutrition Facts

ENERGY 2790 kj 32%
PROTEIN 26.1 g 52%
FAT 38.0 g 54%
SAT FAT 10.4 g 43%
CARBS 52.2 g 17%
SUGARS 8.4 g 9%
SODIUM 1150 mg 50%


Yes, 100% Vegan! Double vegan patty (made from corn, capsicum & carrot), vegan cheese & vegan mayonnaise with tomato sauce, onions, fresh tomato & crisp lettuce on a delicious seeded bun.

All for just $5 – only on the HJ’s app.

Price varies for delivery.


Nutrition Facts

ENERGY 2730 kj 31%
PROTEIN 16.4 g 33%
FAT 25.7 g 37%
SAT FAT 5.6 g 23%
CARBS 87.8 g 28%
SUGARS 11.7 g 13%
SODIUM 1480 mg 64%


The classic combo of a flame-grilled Aussie beef patty topped with cheese, crunchy pickle, mustard & tomato sauce, served on a freshly toasted sesame seed bun. Basic – but brilliant.


Nutrition Facts

ENERGY 1320 kj 15%
PROTEIN 16.3 g 33%
FAT 14.4 g 21%
SAT FAT 6.5 g 27%
CARBS 30.4 g 10%
SUGARS 4.4 g 5%
SODIUM 614 mg 27%


A Hungry Jack’s favorite you’ll be crying over if you miss them! Freshly battered, crispy onion rings available in Medium or Large.


Nutrition Facts

ENERGY 792 kj 9%
PROTEIN 1.6 g 3%
FAT 15.2 g
SAT FAT 2.2 g 9%
CARBS 11.2 g 4%
SUGARS 3.4 g 4%
SODIUM 250 mg 11%

Garden Side Salad

Garden Side Salad

Customers can choose a Garden Side Salad from Jack’s Vegetarian Menu as a nutritious & flavorful option.

Vegetarians Can eat this salad because it is created with a variety of fresh veggies from the garden.

It is a Fantastic option for people looking for a lighter Meal or a cool side dish.


Make your morning sizzle with our mighty hash browns. Made from golden crispy potato, now with 75% less saturated fat.


Nutrition Facts

ENERGY 680 kj
PROTEIN 1.4 g 3%
FAT 11.0 g
SAT FAT 1.2 g 5%
CARBS 15.1 g 5%
SUGARS .3 g 0%
SODIUM 243 mg 11%

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices Special Dietary Requirements

Some menu items at Hungry Jack’s are appropriate for patrons with particular dietary needs. For instance, you can order a Vegetable Whopper without mayo or a Garden Side Salad without dressing to make it Vegan.

Several vegetarian dishes, including the Veggie Whopper, include gluten, therefore customers with Gluten intolerances should be aware of this.

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu How to Order

When visiting Hungry Jack’s, Patrons can place orders from the restaurant’s Vegetarian Menu at the counter or through the drive-thru.

Some places might also provide delivery services via outside applications like Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices Reviews

Hungry Jack's Reviews

⇒”I am constantly searching for excellent vegetarian options & Jack’s Vegetarian Menu did not let me down! The vegetable sandwich was savory and filling & the garden-side salad was excellent & fresh. highly suggestible”
⇒”I like eateries that make it simple to obtain meat-free options because I am a vegetarian. There is a fantastic assortment of vegetarian salads, sides & sandwiches on Jack’s Vegetarian Menu.

The service was warm & accommodating, and the food was delicious and filling.”

⇒”I was pleasantly impressed at Jack’s by the caliber of the vegetarian selections. The Black Bean Burger was one of the greatest I’ve had & the Sweet Potato Fries were the ideal side.

It’s encouraging to see a restaurant that offers more than simply a tasteless salad for vegetarians.”

⇒”Despite not being a vegetarian, I tried Jack’s Garden Side Salad & it was fantastic! The acidic dressing & the fresh vegetables made the ideal mix.

To sample some of the other vegetarian alternatives, I’ll definitely return.”

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices Final Words

Hungry Jack’s Final Words

Hungry Jack’s vegetarian menu offers a selection of excellent & fulfilling options for guests who wish to avoid meat.

Everyone can find something on the Menu, from crunchy hash browns to creamy loaded fries to flame-grilled veggie burgers.

Customers can choose wisely by reviewing the menu & requesting any necessary dietary modifications, even if prices & nutritional information may differ.



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Hungry Jack’s Hours

Certainly! The operating hours of Hungry Jack’s, a well-known fast food business in Australia, may change depending on the location.

The Majority of Hungry Jack’s restaurants typically operate during regular business hours & are accessible seven days a week.

Some establishments, particularly those in Shopping malls or busy neighborhoods, could offer later hours.

Hungry Jack’s Hours

6:00 AM – Midnight
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 11:00 PM
6:00 AM – Midnight

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Hungry Jack’s Contact

  • Hungry Jack’s Corporate Office Address: Level 6, 100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
  • Hungry Jack’s Corporate Office Phone Number: 1300 852 326
  • To contact the team of Hungry Jack’s fill the contact form on their website.

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FAQs About Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu with Prices

FAQs About Hungry Jack's

⏩What is the price of a meal at Hungry Jack’s Vegetarian Menu?

The item and location will determine the price at Jack’s. Most vegetarian options cost $5–10.

⏩Does Hungry Jack’s Vegetarian Menu provide vegan options?

The Vegan Burger, Vegan Wrap & Vegan Tacos are among the vegan alternatives available at Jack’s.

⏩Are there gluten-free options on Hungry Jack’s Vegetarian Menu?

The Garden Side Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, and Vegetable Wrap are just a few of the gluten-free alternatives available at Jack’s (if ordered without the wrap).

⏩Can I make changes to my order from Hungry Jack’s Vegetarian Menu?

Sure, Jack’s will happily make adjustments to suit your dietary requirements or tastes. Simply inform the staff of the changes you desire.

⏩Does Hungry Jack’s provide takeaway or delivery?

Yes, Jack’s provides takeout and delivery services. Depending on the area & delivery service chosen, prices may change.