Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu with Prices


A variety of delectable fast food selections are available at reasonable costs at Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu with Prices.

The menu includes options for everyone, whether you’re craving a traditional Whopper or something Vegetarian.

Hungry Jack’s in Bendigo is a terrific option for a quick & delectable dinner on the go with costs that won’t break the budget.

Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu with Prices

Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu with Prices

The Menu normally offers a selection of burgers, sides, beverages & desserts as well as vegetarian & other dietary options. Costs are flexible & liable to change depending on location.

Below is Hungry Jack’s Menu and Prices along with the most important Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu with Prices.


WHOPERS and beef burgers

The menu of Hungry Jack’s offers a variety of flame-grilled beef burgers, such as the Whopper & Classic Angus & Grill Masters varieties.

In addition, they have chicken & vegetarian alternatives, along with sides and drinks, to round off your meal.

Tropical Whopper $10.05
Double Tropical Whopper $14.05
Whopper Cheese $8.80
Double Whopper Cheese $11.60
Triple Whopper Cheese $14.40
Whopper $8.00
Double Whopper $10.00
Bacon Deluxe $8.90
Ultimate Double Whopper $12.70
Angry Whopper $9.40
Double Angry Whopper $12.20
Triple Angry Whopper $15.00
Whopper Junior Cheese $7.20
Whopper Junior $6.80
Cheeseburger $4.00
Double Cheeseburger $6.00
Triple Cheeseburger $8.00
BBQ Cheeseburger $2.50
Hamburger $3.50
Rebel Whopper $8.00
Rebel Whopper Cheese $8.80


Grill Masters

The Flame-Grilled Angus, BBQ Bacon Angus & Ultimate Double Whopper are just a few of the finest flame-grilled Angus beef burgers offered by Hungry Jack’s Grill Masters line.

Grill Masters Cowboy Angus $12.45
Grill Masters Double Cowboy Angus $15.95
Grill Masters Chicago Angus $11.75
Grill Masters Bacon & Cheese Angus $10.80
Grill Masters Double Bacon & Chees Angus $13.80



The menu of Hungry Jack’s Chicken is very items Customers who prefer chicken as their protein source have a Variety of options thanks to these choices.

Tropical Jack’s Fried Chicken $11.85
Tropical Grilled Chicken $10.25
Classic Jack’s Fried Chicken $9.60
Spicy Jack’s Fried Chicken $9.60
Cheesy Bacon Classic Jack’s Fried Chicken $11.20
Cheesy Bacon Spicy Jack’s Fried Chicken $11.20
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese $9.80
Grilled Chicken $8.20
Spicy Grilled Chicken $8.20
Chicken Royale $3.00
Pop’n Chick’n 20 pack and sauce $5.95
6 Nuggets Value Meal Medium $10.95
6 Nuggets Value Meal Large $11.95
12 Nuggets Value Meal Medium $14.20
12 Nuggets Value Meal Large $15.20
3 Nuggets & Sauce $4.60
6 Nuggets & Sauce $6.55
12 Nuggets & Sauce $9.80
18 Nuggets & Sauce $9.95


Plant-based burgers

His menu for plant-based burgers and his prices are listed below.

Rebel Whopper $8.00
Rebel Whopper Cheese $8.80
Vegan Whopper Cheese $8.80


Meal bundles

Meal bundles from Hungry Jack’s give consumers a quick & affordable way to get a full meal that includes a burger or chicken sandwich, fries & a drink.

For those who prefer to order a full dinner at once, these bundles are a Popular Choice.

Pop’n Feast Bundle $34.95
Family Bundle $29.95
Tropical Whopper Hunger Tamers $17.90
Tropical Jack’s Fried Chicken Hunger Tamers $19.70
Jack’s Fried Chicken Hunger Tamers $17.45
Bacon Deluxe Hunger Tamers $16.75
Whopper Cheese Hunger Tamers $16.65
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese Hunger Tamers $17.65
Double Cheeseburger Super Stunner $9.65
Triple Cheeseburger Super Stunner $10.85
Cheeseburger Super Stunner $7.95
Chicken Royale Super Stunner $9.65


Snacks and Side Dishes

To go along with their burgers & sandwiches, Hungry Jack’s serves a range of snacks & side dishes.

These Products are ideal for anyone who want a quick snack or to spice up their dinner.

Thick Cut Chips $2.40
Battered Onion Rings $3.80
Pop’n Chick’n Carry Cup $3.95
Pop’n Chick’n 20 Pack & Sauce $5.95
3 Nuggets & Sauce $4.60
6 Nuggets & Sauce $6.55
12 Nuggets & Sauce $9.80
Spicy Dipping Sauce $0.50
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce $0.50
BBQ Dipping Sauce $0.50
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $0.50



Along with a variety of food choices Hungry Jack’s also serves Hot & iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos & mochas.

These beverages are a popular option for Clients looking for a hot or cold beverage to Enjoy with their meal because they are manufactured entirely from Arabica beans.

Cappuccino $3.95
Latte $3.95
Flat White $3.95
Long Black $3.95
Mocha $4.45
Chai Latte $3.75
Hot Chocolate $3.95
Macchiato $2.95
Piccolo $2.95
Short Black $2.95
Babyccino $0.95
Miniccino $3.00
Iced Coffee $4.00
Caramel Fudge Iced Coffee $5.00
Iced Chocolate $4.00
Iced Mocha $5.00
Iced Long Black $4.00
Black Dilmah Tea $3.25


Frozen drinks

Slushies, thick shakes & other frozen beverages are available at Hungry Jack’s in a variety of flavors like strawberry, chocolate & caramel.

Frozen Fanta Sour Fizz Tingle $1.00
Frozen Fanta Bubblegum $1.00
Frozen Fanta Mango $1.00
Frozen Fanta Rasberry $1.00
Frozen Fanta Coke $1.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Fizz Tingle Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Bubblegum Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Mango Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Rasberry Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Coke Spider $2.00


Cold drinks

Cold beverages from Hungry Jack’s include soft drinks, juices, iced tea & bottled water.

These Drinks come in a variety of sizes & are a well-liked option for Consumers looking for a Cool Beverage to go with their Dinner.

Coke $2.90
Diet Coke $2.90
Coke No Sugar $2.90
Sprite $2.90
Fanta Orange $2.90
Fanta Rasberry $2.90
Mount Franklin Spring Water $2.00
Orange Juice $3.25
Keri Apple Juice $3.65
Shake – Chocolate $3.55
Shake – Caramel $3.55
Shake – Strawberry $3.55
Shake – Vanilla $3.55



Hungry Jack’s also serves a variety of Desserts, including sundaes, ice cream cones & apple pies. For those with a Sweet tooth, these items Provide a sweet ending to a meal or a snack.

Sticky Date Pudding $3.95
Sundae – Chocolate $2.50
Sundae – Caramel $2.50
Sundae – Strawberry $2.50
Storm OREO $4.75
Storm M&M’s $4.75
Storm Flake $4.75
Soft Serve Cone $0.70
Drumstick Mini $2.00


Kids Packs

Hungry Jack’s offers Kids’ Packs for children, which include a small burger or chicken Sandwich, fries or apple slices & a small drink.

These meals are popular among Families with young children because they are served in fun, Kid-friendly packaging.

3 Nuggets Kids Pack $5.45
6 Nuggets Kids Pack $7.45
Cheeseburger Kids Pack $5.75
Hamburger Kids Pack $5.75



Hungry Jack’s flame-grilled burgers & chicken sandwiches are seasoned with a unique blend of spices. This Spice blend imparts a distinct & flavorful flavor to their Menu items, making them a popular choice Among customers.

Ketchup packet $0.10
BBQ Dipping Sauce $0.50
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce $0.50
Spicy Dipping Sauce $0.50
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $0.50

Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu Nutrition Facts

Hungry Jack's Nutrition Facts

Item Serving Size Calories Total Fat (g) Sodium (mg)
Whopper 1 burger 658 37 1020
Veggie Whopper 1 burger 570 27 1310
Grilled Chicken Burger 1 burger 386 8 869
Small Fries 1 serving 330 16 301
Onion Rings 1 serving 298 16 527
Garden Salad 1 salad 63 2 78
Coke (Regular) 1 cup 140 0 25
Chocolate Sundae 1 sundae 232 5 155

Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu Reviews

Hungry Jack's Reviews

→A timeless burger that never fails to satisfy is the Whopper. It is substantial, luscious & complete. I heartily endorse it.

→Moreover, the Bacon Deluxe is excellent. The crunchy bacon gives the burger a great smokey flavor.

→The quantities could be bigger, but the fries are tasty & crunchy.

→The onion rings are a welcome alternative to fries. The serving size is a little on the tiny side, but they are crispy & taste good with onions.

→A little guilty pleasure is the Cheesy Bacon Loaded Chips. They are quite hefty but also quite tasty because they are stuffed with cheese sauce, bacon bits & sour cream.

→If you are looking for something a bit Healthier, the garden Salad is an excellent option. It features a wonderful variety of fresh vegetables.


Address:- 218 High Street Golden Square, Bendigo VIC 3550


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FRI 07:00 AM-11:00 PM
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In conclusion, Bendigo’s Hungry Jacks provides a respectable menu choice at competitive costs. The Whopper and Bacon Deluxe are standout burgers that provide a significant quantity of flavor & toppings.

Although some people might think the serving sizes are a little bit modest, the fries are very excellent & well-seasoned. Traditional sides can be substituted with the Garden Salad & Cheesy Bacon Loaded Chips.

Also available in a range of sizes are soft drinks. Overall, Hungry Jack’s in Bendigo is undoubtedly a good option if you’re searching for a quick & filling fast-food lunch.

Hungry Jack’s Hours

Certainly! The operating hours of Hungry Jack’s, a well-known fast food business in Australia, may change depending on the location.

The Majority of Hungry Jack’s restaurants typically operate during regular business hours & are accessible seven days a week.

Some establishments, particularly those in Shopping malls or busy neighborhoods, could offer later hours.

Hungry Jack’s Hours

6:00 AM – Midnight
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 11:00 PM
6:00 AM – Midnight

Hungry Jack’s Near Me Location

Contact Us

Hungry Jack’s Contact

  • Hungry Jack’s Corporate Office Address: Level 6, 100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
  • Hungry Jack’s Corporate Office Phone Number: 1300 852 326
  • To contact the team of Hungry Jack’s fill the contact form on their website.

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FAQs About Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu with Prices

FAQs About Hungry Jack's

⏩What vegetarian alternatives are available at Hungry Jack’s in Bendigo?

Yes, there is a vegetarian burger Alternative called the Vegetarian Whopper & it costs $8.45.

⏩How big are the side servings at Bendigo’s Hungry Jack’s?

Some customers believe the fries & Onion rings portions are a bit on the small side, while others believe they are just right.

⏩Are the burgers at Bendigo’s Hungry Jack’s tasty?

The burgers are well-liked by many Consumers, particularly the Whopper and Bacon Deluxe, which are renowned for their Juicy beef & assortment of toppings.

⏩Is Bendigo’s Hungry Jack a nice spot to grab a fast bite?

Indeed, Hungry Jack’s is a Good place to go for a quick, filling dinner at a fair Price.