Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price

Check out Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices on a variety of burgers, sides, desserts & drinks if you’re looking for affordable & tasty fast food options.

You may get a wide selection of burgers, sides, desserts & drinks at reasonable Pricing on Hungry Jack’s menu.

Hungry Jack's Menu with Price

You can find anything from traditional hamburgers to chicken sandwiches & salads to sides on the menu.

Hungry Jack’s is an Australian chain of fast food restaurants Known for its convenient Locations & Reasonably priced, High-quality fare.

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Features Everything you may want in a quick supper or a late-night snack.

Menu Prices may have changed since this was written; please check with the Actual restaurant for the most Accurate information.

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices in details information is as under.

The Whopper and the Big Jack are well-known Hungry Jack’s menu staples, as are more recent offerings like the Plant-Based Whopper.

Costs for small sides start at $2 & go up to about $10 for combo meals.

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Entrees


There are several different dishes on the Hungry Jack’s Menu, including traditional burgers like the Whopper & Big Jack, chicken burgers & vegetarian options like the Plant-Based Whopper.

There are combo lunches available that come with a drink & a dessert. Entree costs typically vary from $5 to $10.

BBQ Chicken leg and Fries $13.00
Chicken Souvulakiki $16.00
Fillet Mignon $22.00
Grilled Lamb Chop $22.00
Seafood Linguine Pescatore $20.00
VEAL CHOP $24.00
Chicken Parmigiana $17.00
Veal Parmigiana $18.00
Elegant Lamb Shank Dinner $22.00
Grilled Atlantic Salmon $20.00
Eggplant Parmigiana $15.00

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Sandwiches


A variety of sandwiches ???? are available on the Hungry Jack’s Menu, including traditional Burgers like the Whopper & Big Jack, chicken sandwiches & vegetarian selections like the Plant-Based Whopper.

Also, customers can upgrade their Sandwiches with toppings like bacon & cheese. Sandwich Prices vary based on the item, with the majority of Sandwiches costing Between $5 & $8.

Chicken Parm on Bun and Fries $13.00
Classic Beef Burger $12.00
Philly Steak Sandwich and Fries $13.00
Pita Wrap and Fries $13.00
Veal Parmigiana on Bun and Fries $16.00
Chicken Caesar Wrap and Fries $15.00
Hungry Jacks Cheese Burger and Fries $13.00

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Appetizers


The menu at Hungry Jack’s does not include a separate section for appetizers.

Fries, onion rings & Chicken nuggets are just a few of the many sides Available to consumers to go with their Entrée.

Depending on the item & size, sides cost anywhere from $2 to $5.

Chicken Wings and Fries $15.00
Fried Calamari Fritti $15.00

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Alcohol


The menu at Hungry Jack’s does not include alcoholic beverages.

The main items on their menu are burgers, sandwiches, sides & desserts.

From about $2 for minor sides to $10 for combo meals, menu prices fluctuate.

WHOPERS and beef burgers

WHOPERS and beef burgers

The menu of Hungry Jack’s offers a variety of flame-grilled beef burgers, such as the Whopper & Classic Angus & Grill Masters varieties.

In addition, they have chicken & vegetarian alternatives, along with sides and drinks, to round off your meal.

Tropical Whopper $10.05
Double Tropical Whopper $14.05
Whopper Cheese $8.80
Double Whopper Cheese $11.60
Triple Whopper Cheese $14.40
Whopper $8.00
Double Whopper $10.00
Bacon Deluxe $8.90
Ultimate Double Whopper $12.70
Angry Whopper $9.40
Double Angry Whopper $12.20
Triple Angry Whopper $15.00
Whopper Junior Cheese $7.20
Whopper Junior $6.80
Cheeseburger $4.00
Double Cheeseburger $6.00
Triple Cheeseburger $8.00
BBQ Cheeseburger $2.50
Hamburger $3.50
Rebel Whopper $8.00
Rebel Whopper Cheese $8.80

Grill Masters

Grill Masters

The Flame-Grilled Angus, BBQ Bacon Angus & Ultimate Double Whopper are just a few of the finest flame-grilled Angus beef burgers offered by Hungry Jack’s Grill Masters line.

Grill Masters Cowboy Angus $12.45
Grill Masters Double Cowboy Angus $15.95
Grill Masters Chicago Angus $11.75
Grill Masters Bacon & Cheese Angus $10.80
Grill Masters Double Bacon & Chees Angus $13.80



The menu of Hungry Jack’s Chicken is very items Customers who prefer chicken as their protein source have a Variety of options thanks to these choices.

Tropical Jack’s Fried Chicken $11.85
Tropical Grilled Chicken $10.25
Classic Jack’s Fried Chicken $9.60
Spicy Jack’s Fried Chicken $9.60
Cheesy Bacon Classic Jack’s Fried Chicken $11.20
Cheesy Bacon Spicy Jack’s Fried Chicken $11.20
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese $9.80
Grilled Chicken $8.20
Spicy Grilled Chicken $8.20
Chicken Royale $3.00
Pop’n Chick’n 20 pack and sauce $5.95
6 Nuggets Value Meal Medium $10.95
6 Nuggets Value Meal Large $11.95
12 Nuggets Value Meal Medium $14.20
12 Nuggets Value Meal Large $15.20
3 Nuggets & Sauce $4.60
6 Nuggets & Sauce $6.55
12 Nuggets & Sauce $9.80
18 Nuggets & Sauce $9.95

Plant-based burgers

Plant-based burgers

His menu for plant-based burgers and his prices are listed below.

Rebel Whopper $8.00
Rebel Whopper Cheese $8.80
Vegan Whopper Cheese $8.80

Meal Bundles

Meal bundles

Meal bundles from Hungry Jack’s give consumers a quick & affordable way to get a full meal that includes a burger or chicken sandwich, fries & a drink.

For those who prefer to order a full dinner at once, these bundles are a Popular Choice.

Pop’n Feast Bundle $34.95
Family Bundle $29.95
Tropical Whopper Hunger Tamers $17.90
Tropical Jack’s Fried Chicken Hunger Tamers $19.70
Jack’s Fried Chicken Hunger Tamers $17.45
Bacon Deluxe Hunger Tamers $16.75
Whopper Cheese Hunger Tamers $16.65
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese Hunger Tamers $17.65
Double Cheeseburger Super Stunner $9.65
Triple Cheeseburger Super Stunner $10.85
Cheeseburger Super Stunner $7.95
Chicken Royale Super Stunner $9.65

Snacks and Side Dishes

Snacks and Side Dishes

To go along with their burgers & sandwiches, Hungry Jack’s serves a range of snacks & side dishes.

These Products are ideal for anyone who want a quick snack or to spice up their dinner.

Thick Cut Chips $2.40
Battered Onion Rings $3.80
Pop’n Chicken Carry Cup $3.95
Pop’n Chicken 20 Pack & Sauce $5.95
3 Nuggets & Sauce $4.60
6 Nuggets & Sauce $6.55
12 Nuggets & Sauce $9.80
Spicy Dipping Sauce $0.50
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce $0.50
BBQ Dipping Sauce $0.50
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $0.50

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Coffee


Along with a variety of food choices Hungry Jack’s also serves Hot & iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos & mochas.

These beverages are a popular option for Clients looking for a hot or cold beverage to Enjoy with their meal because they are manufactured entirely from Arabica beans.

Cappuccino $3.95
Latte $3.95
Flat White $3.95
Long Black $3.95
Mocha $4.45
Chai Latte $3.75
Hot Chocolate $3.95
Macchiato $2.95
Piccolo $2.95
Short Black $2.95
Babyccino $0.95
Miniccino $3.00
Iced Coffee $4.00
Caramel Fudge Iced Coffee $5.00
Iced Chocolate $4.00
Iced Mocha $5.00
Iced Long Black $4.00
Black Dilmah Tea $3.25

Frozen drinks

Frozen drinks

Slushies, thick shakes & other frozen beverages are available at Hungry Jack’s in a variety of flavors like strawberry, chocolate & caramel.

Frozen Fanta Sour Fizz Tingle $1.00
Frozen Fanta Bubblegum $1.00
Frozen Fanta Mango $1.00
Frozen Fanta Rasberry $1.00
Frozen Fanta Coke $1.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Fizz Tingle Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Bubblegum Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Mango Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Rasberry Spider $2.00
Frozen Fanta Sour Coke Spider $2.00

Cold drinks

Cold drinks

Cold beverages from Hungry Jack’s include soft drinks, juices, iced tea & bottled water.

These Drinks come in a variety of sizes & are a well-liked option for Consumers looking for a Cool Beverage to go with their Dinner.

Coke $2.90
Diet Coke $2.90
Coke No Sugar $2.90
Sprite $2.90
Fanta Orange $2.90
Fanta Rasberry $2.90
Mount Franklin Spring Water $2.00
Orange Juice $3.25
Keri Apple Juice $3.65
Shake – Chocolate $3.55
Shake – Caramel $3.55
Shake – Strawberry $3.55
Shake – Vanilla $3.55

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Prices Sweets


Hungry Jack’s also serves a variety of Desserts, including sundaes, ice cream cones & apple pies. For those with a Sweet tooth, these items Provide a sweet ending to a meal or a snack.

Sticky Date Pudding $3.95
Sundae – Chocolate $2.50
Sundae – Caramel $2.50
Sundae – Strawberry $2.50
Storm OREO $4.75
Storm M&M’s $4.75
Storm Flake $4.75
Soft Serve Cone $0.70
Drumstick Mini $2.00

Kids Packs

Kids Packs

Hungry Jack’s offers Kids’ Packs for children, which include a small burger or chicken Sandwich, fries or apple slices & a small drink.

These meals are popular among Families with young children because they are served in fun, Kid-friendly packaging.

3 Nuggets Kids Pack $5.45
6 Nuggets Kids Pack $7.45
Cheeseburger Kids Pack $5.75
Hamburger Kids Pack $5.75



Hungry Jack’s flame-grilled burgers & chicken sandwiches are seasoned with a unique blend of spices. This Spice blend imparts a distinct & flavorful flavor to their Menu items, making them a popular choice Among customers.

Ketchup packet $0.10
BBQ Dipping Sauce $0.50
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce $0.50
Spicy Dipping Sauce $0.50
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $0.50

Hungry Jack’s Menu Nutrition Facts

Hungry Jack's Nutrition Facts

Item Serving Size Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g)
Whopper 1 burger 670 40 49
Grilled Chicken Burger 1 burger 408 11 46
Veggie Whopper 1 burger 472 19 55
Small Fries 1 cup 251 12 33
Onion Rings 6 rings 348 20 36
Chicken Nuggets (6) 1 pack 306 18 20
Soft Serve Cone 1 serving 159 5 25
Coke (Small) 1 cup 146 0 39
Sprite (Small) 1 cup 143 0 39

NOTE:- Be aware that depending on the precise preparation technique & ingredients employed, The Nutrition information may change.

These are just a few Menu items available at Hungry Jack’s; there are many more. Visit the Hungry Jack’s Website or get in touch with customer care to learn more about the Nutritional Information of additional Menu Items.

How to Order Hungry Jack’s Menu

Hungry Jack's Menu

You can order from Hungry Jack’s in the following ways:

  1. In-restaurant: Visit a Hungry Jack’s location and place your order at the counter or drive-thru.
  2. Online ordering: Go to Hungry Jack’s website, select your location, and place your order online for pickup or delivery.
  3. Mobile app: Download the Hungry Jack app and order directly from your smartphone. You can choose to pick up your order in-store or have it delivered.

Regardless of how you place your order, be ready to specify what items you would like, any modifications or substitutions, and your preferred method of payment. Enjoy your meal!

Hungry Jack’s Allergen Menu

Hungry Jack's Allergen Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Pricein Hungry Jack’s is dedicated to providing its customers with information about the allergens present in its menu items. With an allergen menu available on the company’s website, customers with food allergies can make informed decisions about what to eat.

The allergen menu lists common allergens, including gluten, peanuts, soy, dairy, and eggs, among others, and is updated regularly to reflect any changes to the menu or ingredient sourcing.

At Hungry Jack’s, the safety and satisfaction of customers are a top priority, and the company takes food allergies seriously.

While precautions are taken to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, customers with severe allergies should inform the staff when placing their order and review the allergen information carefully.

A Hungry Jack’s  Allergen Menu is an essential tool for customers looking to make informed choices about what to eat.

Vegan Option Hungry Jack’s Menu

Vegan Option Hungry Jack's Menu

Yes, there are vegan options available at Hungry Jack’s.

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price The Vegetable Whopper, Vegetarian Burger & Vegan Cheeseburger are a few of the vegan options. These burgers come on a vegan bun & include a plant-based patty consisting of vegetables & grains.

Along with burgers, Hungry Jack’s serves a Garden Salad that is suitable for vegans & is made with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, & red onion.

Also, they have vegan onion rings & nuggets that go well with their Smoky BBQ dipping sauce.

Although these Foods are Vegan, they may Come into touch with Animal products while being prepared because they are made in the same kitchen as non-vegan foods ????.

Clients who have Specific dietary needs should let the staff know so that their Food may be Prepared individually.

Hungry Jacks Deals & Coupons

Hungry Jacks Deals & Coupons

Sure, here is the link to the coupons page on the official Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price website:

Customers can find a variety of discounts & Coupons on this page, which they can apply at participating Hungry Jack locations. Consumers can Redeem coupons by printing them off or presenting them on a mobile device.

Customers should Check the expiration date & terms & conditions of each Coupon before using them because the Availability of coupons & Promotions may vary by location & time. Certain coupons might also not be usable in conjunction with other deals or discounts.

Customers can register for email & SMS notifications on Hungry Jack’s website to receive notifications About the newest offers & coupons.

Hungry Jack’s Gift Cards

Hungry Jack’s Gift Cards

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price in Hungry Jack’s gift cards is a wonderful way to treat yourself or someone special to the restaurant’s mouth-watering burgers, sides, desserts & more.

You can buy Gift Cards in person or online & they are available in a variety of Denominations to fit any Budget.

To buy Hungry Jacks’s’s gift card online given here Check Out & Visit the official website.

Once on the Website, select the Gift Card denomination you want, add it to your basket & then complete the checkout process. Plus, you can add a personal note & choose whether you want the gift card to be sent via Email or regular mail when you personalize it.

Hungry Jacks Gift Cards are only valid for use in Australia at participating Hungry Jacks restaurants. Visit the official Website or get in touch with Hungry Jacks customer support for more details on gift cards.

Hungry Jack’s coffee Menu

Hungry Jack's coffee Menu

Hungry Jack’s Coffee Menu includes a variety of hot & Cold drinks in Various sizes & prices. You can Add extra shots of Espresso or Different Milk to your order.

New drinks & Promotions are added to the Menu on a regular basis, Making it an Excellent choice for Coffee lovers on the go.

Hungry Jack’s Drinks Menu

Hungry Jack's Drinks Menu

Soft drinks, frozen drinks, coffee, tea, water, juice, sports drinks & sweets like thick shakes & sundaes may all be found on Hungry Jack’s drink menu.

Rates for carbonated beverages are $2–$3, & those for frozen beverages go $2.50–$4.50.

A Small Coffee, medium Hot chocolate, or big cup of tea will set you back $3.50–$4.50.

Prices for Beverages like water & Juice range From $3 up to $7.50, depending on the size you choose.

All in all, Hungry Jack’s Beverages Menu has Something for every budget & taste.

Hungry Jack’s Family Menu

Hungry Jack's Family Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price A variety of family-friendly food options are available on Hungry Jack’s Family Menu.

These meals, which are created to offer Families on the road a simple & economical dining experience, frequently contain burgers, chicken, sides & drinks.

The Family Bundle, which comes with a variety of burgers, fries & drinks & the Chicken Nuggets Mega Box, which comes with a sizable quantity of Chicken nuggets & sides, are two of the more well-liked items on the Family Menu.

Location, prices & availability may change.

Hungry Jack’s Lunch Menu

Hungry Jack's Lunch Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price For a quick & filling lunch, check out the variety of Options on Hungry Jack’s Lunch Menu.

These meals are created to offer clients who are on the go a quick & economical dining experience & often include burgers, chicken, sides & drinks.

The Whopper Jr. meal, the Chicken Royale meal & the Classic Angus Cheeseburger meal are a few of the most well-liked dishes on the Hungry Jack’s Lunch Menu.

Location-specific pricing & availability are possible & Some shops might also have lunchtime Specials or promotions.

Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu

Hungry Jacks Bendigo Menu

The menu at Hungry Jack’s Bendigo includes favorites from other Hungry Jack’s restaurants. Everything from burgers to chicken to sides to desserts & drinks is included.

At Hungry Jack’s Bendigo Menu, the Whopper, BBQ Bacon Deluxe, Tendercrisp Chicken burger & Onion Rings are some of the most ordered products.

Customers can customize their orders & select from vegetarian & vegan choices, the availability of which may vary by region.

Hungry Jacks Breakfast Menu

Hungry Jacks Breakfast Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price The Breakfast selection at Hungry Jack’s is sure to get your day off to a Great start. Hot & cold beverages, as well as breakfast burgers, wraps, muffins & condiments, are Frequently included in these meals.

Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Menu favorites include the Brekky Wrap, the Hash Brown & the Bacon & Egg Muffin. Breakfast specials & promotions are sometimes offered at some stores & prices & availability may vary depending on where you go.

Vegetarian & Vegan alternatives are also available for those who like to Tailor their meal to their specific dietary needs.

Hungry Jacks Dollar Menu

Hungry Jacks Dollar Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price Items on Hungry Jack’s Dollar Menu is cheap & provide excellent value.

Most of the items on this menu cost only one dollar & they include burgers, sides, desserts & drinks. Barbeque cheeseburgers, small orders of fries & soft serve cones all make appearances on the Dollar Menu.

Some businesses may have more limited quantities of some items on the Dollar Menu or offer additional discounts or specials.

Hungry Jack’s Chicken Menu

Hungry Jack's Chicken Menu

A variety of Hungry Jack’s Chicken Menu options are available at the Australian fast-food restaurant Business Hungry Jack’s.

The Tendercrisp Chicken Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger, Chicken Royale, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Fries, Chicken Nuggets & Chips & BBQ Chicken Wings are a few of the most well-known chicken dishes.

The BBQ Chicken wings are available in packs of six or ten, while the nuggets and fries are Manufactured entirely from Chicken breast.

Depending on the store & the time of Purchase Some items’ prices might change.

Hungry Jacks Drive-Thru Menu

Hungry Jacks Drive-Thru Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price in Customers may order from Hungry Jack’s extensive menu without ever leaving their cars thanks to the restaurant’s convenient Hungry Jack’s  Drive Thru Menu.

Burgers, poultry, condiments, desserts & beverages are typical examples of such fare. The Whopper, the Tendercrisp Chicken burger & the Onion Rings are just a few of the most ordered products from the Drive Through Menu.

Options for vegetarians & vegans are included, and customers can also add their own ingredients. Some stores may have drive-thru-specific sales or discounts & prices & availability may vary depending on where you go.

Hungry Jacks Dessert Menu

Hungry Jacks Dessert Menu


Sweet Delicacies such as sundaes, thick shakes, churros, Hershey’s Pies, frozen drinks, Ice cream cups & cookies are Available on Hungry Jack’s Dessert Menu. Costs may change Based on where you are.

Hungry Jacks Vegetarian Menu

For guests who choose not to consume meat, Hungry Jack’s Vegetarian Menu offers a range of vegetarian options.

Using fresh, healthful ingredients, the menu offers salads, sandwiches & sides.

In order to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences & requirements, the vegetarian selections are clearly labelled.

Without compromising their vegetarian diet, customers may have a tasty & filling lunch at Jack’s.

Hungry Jacks Secret Menu

Hungry Jacks Secret Menu

Hungry Jack’s Menu with Price While there isn’t technically a “hidden menu” at Hungry Jack’s, some restaurants may provide rotating specials or allow for unusual customizations.

These items aren’t necessarily known by the general public, but rather just by regulars & /or staff.

Hungry Jack’s is known for its hidden menu items, some of which include the “Quad Stack” burger (four beef patties and four pieces of cheese) & the “Hawaiian Whopper” (a Whopper burger topped with pineapple and bacon).

Customers should verify with their neighborhood Hungry Jack’s Secret Menu to make sure they have these items in stock.



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  • Drive Thru
  • Jack’s Cafe
  • Delivery
  • Playground

Hungry Jack’s Final Words

Hungry Jack’s Final Words

In conclusion, Hungry Jack’s offers a wide selection of delectable menu items to sate every craving.

It’s critical to Understand the Nutrition information & pick foods that suit your dietary requirements & preferences.

As well as offering new limited-time dishes, Hungry Jack’s frequently refreshes its menu, So be sure to check their website or stop by a location to See what’s new.

Hungry Jack’s Video

Hungry Jack’s Hours

Certainly! The operating hours of Hungry Jack’s, a well-known fast food business in Australia, may change depending on the location.

The Majority of Hungry Jack’s restaurants typically operate during regular business hours & are accessible seven days a week.

Some establishments, particularly those in Shopping malls or busy neighborhoods, could offer later hours.

Hungry Jack’s Hours

6:00 AM – Midnight
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
6:00 AM – 11:00 PM
6:00 AM – Midnight

Hungry Jack’s Near Me Location

Contact Us

Hungry Jack’s Contact

  • Hungry Jack’s Corporate Office Address: Level 6, 100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
  • Hungry Jack’s Corporate Office Phone Number: 1300 852 326
  • To contact the team of Hungry Jack’s fill the contact form on their website.

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FAQs About Hungry Jack’s

FAQs About Hungry Jack’s

⏩Are there vegetarian or vegan options at Hungry Jack’s?

The Vegetarian Whopper, Vegetable Burger & Vegan Nuggets are just a few of the vegetarian & vegan options available at Hungry Jack’s.

⏩Are there any dishes at Hungry Jack’s that are Gluten-Free?

There isn’t a separate Gluten-Free Menu at Hungry Jack’s, although some Menu items might be Gluten-Free or could be changed to be gluten-free. Clients with gluten Allergies should speak with the staff & study the web site’s allergen information.

⏩Are there any healthy menu options at Hungry Jack’s?

Yes, there are several healthy menu options available at Hungry Jack’s, including salads, grilled chicken burgers & Vegetarian Whopper.

⏩Can I alter my Hungry Jack order?

Yes, Hungry Jack’s gives customers the option to alter their orders by asking for Substitutes or alterations to menu items. However, Some adjustments might incur Extra Costs.

⏩Are there any offers or specials for the food on Hungry Jack’s menu?

Absolutely, Hungry Jack’s frequently runs promotions and bargains on its menu items, including meal packages, discounts, & one-time deals. Consumers who want to be informed about current offers & promotions can visit the Official Website or download the Hungry Jack app.

⏩Do the menu items at Hungry Jack’s contain any allergens?

Yes, Hungry Jack’s menu items could contain allergens such as milk, eggs, soy, wheat & peanuts. Before placing an order, customers with allergies should speak with the staff & study the website’s information on allergens.